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What if I’ve never fished before and need help?

Is it your first time fishing on a deep sea fishing boat? Maybe you don’t fish that much and you are a beginner? No problem! Our experienced Captains and crew know exactly what to do and part of the experience on the Living on Island Time is learning how to bait hooks, use tackle, rods, and reels properly and acquire techniques. You will definitely become a better fisherman! Our entire crew has years of deep sea fishing knowledge and they will be more than happy to assist you or take you under their wing and show you all the latest tricks of the trade. We have had beginners turn into fierce anglers with a little patience and some good, sound instruction. Don’t be shy, just ask us for help and we’ll be there to guide you!

What if I don’t want to bring the fish I caught home?

If you have fish that are edible or can be used as future bait, the crew would deeply appreciate you donating the fish back to the vessel and its crew members.

Are there certain fish that are catch and release only?

Our entire crew is conservation savvy and if the fish is legal to take but not going to be consumed in any manner, we prefer that you take a photo of your catch and then safely release the fish back into the ocean. We will be happy to assist in any catch and release efforts anytime. We abide by the “waste not, want not” motto.

Fishing Links:

Are you thinking about spending a relaxing day on the Living on Island Time Deep Sea Fishing Boat and you’d like to see what the weather conditions looking like for South Florida Fishing waters?

We have three great links listed below that are top choices among all of our anglers. Our links are self-updating and accurate. Simply click on the link below to get the latest weather and marine reports, information on tides from where the Living on Island Time is docked, and check out the moon calendar to see what lunar phase we are currently in and how this can affect local South Florida Fishing.

If you have any specific questions that you cannot get answers for on our links, please don’t hesitate to call us or have a chat with our crew. Our vast knowledge about the Boynton Beach Fishing, Lake Worth Fishing, Delray Fishing and West Palm Beach Fishing areas is something we are always happy to talk about and share with our customers at any time.

Weather Update & Offshore Conditions:

Up-to-Date Tides Information out of Boynton Beach Inlet

Moon Calendar


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